25 Android mobile Phone Problems and Solutions PDF

An android phone may appear well-behaved and healthy at first, but as time passes, it is plagued by problems and problems. It might entice many of us to buy another phone every time a new issue manifests itself, so here are the 25 most frequent Android phone problems and solutions.

We all know that Androids are compelling devices. As being an open-source it has a lot of problems regarding its OS. They are designed to complete many different tasks at all times. Users use them to make calls/chats, browse, snap photos, utilize helpful apps, etc. These functions, all working simultaneously, can cause Android issues.

 Android Mobile phone Problems and Solutions (PDF)

Technology isn’t always flawless as it is, and there are many issues you could overcome by yourself. Your Smartphone might sometimes have faults, and it’s a stressful experience. This is why you be aware of their issues and find solutions.

A few issues are more challenging to resolve, even if you’re not a technology expert. If you cannot solve it yourself, we advise you to bring your phone to a licensed service technician. Hopefully, they can assist you. So, let’s look at the most frequent Android phone issues and their solutions.

Battery Drain Problem

This is a widespread issue on nearly all Android smartphones. This is due to various factors like that you are running too many applications and in the background, higher display brightness, and multi-tasking. Solution: To address this issue and deal with it, you can turn on battery-saving mode immediately. The Battery Saver options help to disable and eliminate all battery-draining functions. Additionally, you can also minimize the brightness level of your screen.

Android phones Problems And Solutions -battery drain

Also, the GPS options consume the battery of your phone. The GPS function is always used to update something in the Background that causes excessive pressure and forces the phone to consume the battery’s power. That’s you can access the options menu of your device, then click on Location and choose the battery-saving mode.

For brightness, it is recommended not to use auto-brightness. Additionally, Xiaomi users have the option to activate the Battery Saver Mode.

Slow Performance of your Phone

The speed of phones typically slows down when their internal storage gets full. Another possible reason is the lack of RAM (Which caused the number of processing running in the background).

Solution: Consider deleting any unneeded apps or photos or shifting their files to cloud storage or onto a microSD card. Additionally, you must close any open applications you no longer use, delete caches of apps, and limit your usage of live wallpapers.

Android Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions PDF - slow phone

Also, clearing your app’s data is another option. Go to Settings menu > Applications and select a particular app, then choose to clear the cache. Clear Cache option.

WiFi not working

It is expected that you do not join WiFi. This is another common issue faced by many Android users while using an Internet connection. If your Phone’s Wi-Fi setting is changed or there’s a problem with your router then you may face this problem.

Solution: For a quick fix, it is to restart both router and device to make the device can connect to WiFi. This will give you new beginnings.

You can also put your device into Airplane mode for a few minutes before trying to connect to WiFi. The next step is to resolve the issue by going to WiFi Settings> Advanced Now and selecting Stay connected to WiFi.

Data Not Working

Like WiFi, sometimes it is possible that the Data Connection also may not be working. Because of a problem with the SIM Card or the internal settings of your phone, the Mobile Data can’t work.

Solution: For a fix for the issue with the data on your cellular phone that isn’t working with your Android phone, you should examine your Data Card first. That means you need to select Data SIM from the connectivity settings of your phone.

Android phones Problems And Solutions - data not working

In addition, you may also look up the Operator’s APN settings to enable Data on your smartphone. Mobile Data Connection works only after setting or adding APN settings. Therefore, you must include the APN information from the settings based on your operator’s instructions.


The usual issue could be connected to the one before. The phone overheating is often due to issues with your phone’s battery. However, it could be a connection with your charger and the Location you typically keep your phone. Additionally, Multi-Tasking also leads your phone to get overheat.

Solution: To resolve this issue problem, test the solutions previously suggested first to determine if the issue is directly linked to the battery problem.

 If it is always running hot, keep your device in an excellent location and shield it from the sunlight’s heat. It’s also possible to give your phone a couple of times to “refresh” before you can use it again.

Storage Space Running Out   

One of the most frequently encountered issues with smartphones priced lower is storage. I, too, was faced with this issue due to the small storage capacity of the phone.

If you’ve saved the number of HD photographs or Camera-generated images, it will consume up sufficient space on your phone. In comparison to the pictures from the Online chain, the photos that you click consume more, which is the reason.

Solution: An Android phone also creates an enormous cache. The cache files can also take up parts of the phone’s storage. This is why you should try to remove the cache from your phone and apps and delete or reduce the size of your photos.

 Apps Not Responding    

This issue frequently occurs and, despite being quite annoying, is not that difficult to resolve. While it shouldn’t be an issue, the truth is that some apps have the issue. Bugs could cause it in the application, or perhaps your operating system isn’t the latest or most reliable for the app.

Apps keep offering new features and are constantly improving certain aspects for improved performance. However, your device often does not keep up with the latest versions, and the app crashes every time.

Solution: The first thing to try to reboot your mobile phone and begin using the app once more. You may also visit the app Manager and close the application, and sometimes clearing the cache’s data is also helpful.

If the app continues to do the same thing, remove it and install it again. As we mentioned earlier, the app is sometimes prone to numerous bugs that can cause this issue.

Phone get Freez/ Lag.

It happens frequently and is especially for old phones or devices with plenty of storage. Also, if you’re using the heavy games and apps without thinking about the phone’s capacity then your phone gets lag and stops responding on time.

Solution: The most common method is to reboot their phones or switch them off. However, it’s not an easy task to do this since the phone might not be able to shut off power in this scenario.

If you’re using an older model phone with a removable battery, you can take it off. However, today’s phones don’t. To do this, you must patiently wait for the phone to respond.

Forced Sleep (Not Wake Up)   

Sometimes our Android phones get to sleep without any reason. It’s just like the features found on PC. In the Android world, it’s termed Forced Sleep. If your phone’s screen gets off and can’t get turned on after pressing the Power Button then your phone is in Forced Sleep Mode.

Solution: To solve this, you can update the phone to the latest update. If your phone has received an update, make sure to upgrade it. You can also enable the Always-On Display features to ensure your phone is always awake.


The phones running Custom Android are fully packed with various bloatware. In addition to the phone that runs Pure Stock Android and its applications, all smartphones come with several apps bloatware.

Bloatware can be a nuisance for a lot of users. In addition, they make our phones slower due to the numerous unneeded and heavy applications. Additionally, it causes storage issues on your phone.

Solution: The most efficient method to accomplish this is to go to the section called Apps in your system’s settings to view the complete list of installed apps. If you spot an application you don’t like, you can tap the app’s name and search for the Uninstall button, or in case that’s not present, then the Disable option.

Play Store Not Working   

Among the 25 Android Problems and Solutions related to Play Store are among the most common. It’s not that difficult if other apps are to stop working on your phone. However, if the store for the app doesn’t function, you could face the issue with incredible difficulty.

Solution: In the same way, cache files could be the cause that prevents you from using your Play Store from working. Removing your Cache and Whole data from this app is the most crucial solution.

Android phones Problems And Solutions - Play store not working

In addition, it is possible to clear out any data from Google Play Services. For this, go to Apps and look for Google Play Services. Clear the Dataand cache. Then, reboot Your Android device.

Google Play Store Missing/ Delete from The Phone    

Even though the Play store is one of the default applications or pre-set apps that cannot be removed or deleted from an Android phone, It can remove from the phone. This is one of the most exciting issues on Android encountered by some users.

Solution: To fix this, visit the ” Apps“. Then, you will find it in the Google Play Store and launch it. There you need to scroll down to check whether the app is active or not.

If the application is disabled, then it is necessary to enable it to display it in your list of apps. In addition, you can also download the most current or compatible version of the Play Store for your smartphone.

 Apps Not Downloading from the Play Store    

There are two possible reasons why your apps don’t download or play store app download pending problem. The first is to go back to the previous page of this list and try cleaning the Google Play store’s cache. If that doesn’t work, try wiping the Google Play history.

Apps Not Downloading from the Play Store 

Solution: The issue is likely to be unwanted or crashed cache file, and you must clean it. Open Google Play Store and tap on the three lines on the screen’s upper left-hand corner to access the app’s menu. Select Settings, then tap Clear the local history of searches.

In addition, if you are using Cellular Data, you must ensure that the downloading preference has been set for Download over any Network. Because usually, these settings will be set to Download over WiFi Only.

 Wrong Auto-Correction Typing    

If you’re using your default keyboard, you can eliminate autocorrect words. It means as per an English or any preset language Dictionary the keyboard is used to auto-correct the word that we type there. If you aren’t typing in English or using other languages with an English keyboard then it’s the biggest issue for you. For example, if you are typing in Hinglish (Hindi English) then I am sure you faced this problem in your life.

Android Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions - auto-correction

Solution: For Google Keyboard, tap on the Settings icon from the open keyboard while typing. Then move towards the Text Correction from there. Now, you have to find out the Text Correction option from there. At last, disable it by toggling the option Auto Text Correction.

 SD Card Not Showing   

If your phone is stuffed, however, you don’t intend to delete your data, and you’re busy transferring them to another location, You might be thinking about the microSD card you bought a few years ago. But here’s the issue: your device doesn’t want to accept that card.

Solution: Try connecting the card reader with your PC and format your microSD at least twice. This process will help your external SD card to usable by deleting the corrupted data and clearing the malware from that card. After that, Restart your mobile and put in the SD card once more.

Charging Port Damage

As with everything else in life, there is no guarantee that anything will last forever. The phone is not an exception. The charging ports are prone to degrade over time. Dirt or misuse could be the cause of this degrading.

Solution: Before you take your phone to a repair shop, clean the charging port with an unwashed and fresh toothbrush. It is also possible to clean it with dry cotton swabs to get rid of dust and grime, which will make it difficult for your charging port to function effectively.

Sync Process Fails

Sometimes you’re trying to connect your account with a particular application, but it’s impossible to achieve it. Sometimes, the app fails to explain the issue, and you’re unsure what to do. If you experience synchronization issues, there are some steps to take.

Sync Fails

Solution: To complete the Synchronization process you must need a stable or fast internet connection. Besides this, you just need to check whether the backup accounts are working or not.

For Android phones, Google Drive or Gmail is the default. So, make sure the Google Account is connected. After that, you can again turn on the auto-sync data option on your phone.

High RAM Consumption

This is very common in the case of having multiple applications running. The RAM Consumption increases automatically with an increase in the number of background processing. If your phone is running a number of apps in the background then it consumes more RAM that makes your phone misled.

Solution: The most effective method to free up RAM is to double-check the apps you have installed, determine the ones you do not use, and then delete them. It is also possible to check the Memory tab on the Settings page, where you’ll find which applications use much RAM.

At last, delete unwanted apps, and files and stop opening the number of apps on Background. Also, keep close to the apps after using them, and don’t let to process in the background.

Messages are Not Sent

A very frustrating occurrence regarding typical Android problems is when you try to send an SMS message but find out it’s not being sent. The issue will most likely be at your carrier’s end, and the best option is to wait for the situation to settle.

Solution: You can do a couple of things to determine if the problem lies with your phone. At first, make sure there’s a balance on your carrier to send that messages. Also, you need to check the network status. If not turn on/off Airplane mode on phone.

Malware installed

The biggest nightmare for an Android person is to end with malware being installed on their device, and this is even more so as there is no way to verify the apps on the Play Store is not known for its strict examination of the apps it hosts.

The biggest issue with this and making this an extremely severe and frequent issue in Android is that it’s difficult or simple to determine if there is malware in your device.

Solution: The only method to determine this is to utilize an antivirus app. It is better to trace out those files or apps from your Android phone and remove it instantly. Besides, using the trusted Security apps also helps to settle down your problem.

 MCA Fee is among the top option, as well as the most reliable one, and is affordable to purchase to install on your Android and secure your phone’s data.

Download Missing/ Can’t Find Downloaded Files.    

Everything that you download on your Android device is saved by default in a folder on the system called Downloads. But sometimes your phone failed to locate the downloads folder.

This widespread Android problem plagues the older versions of phones have to face this problem a lot. It’s one of the common Android problems due to some problem with your Internal storage.

Solution: So, to fix you can try other file manager apps like Es File Manager. This is one of the leading and most developed file managers that helps to even access your root permission. So, you can fix it easily.

Auto Call Ends Issues

When you contact someone, it is not uncommon that your call will be cut off fast. It is necessary to make required calls, and the call keeps constantly cutting, which can be very annoying. The most common reason for calls abruptly stopping is the absence of a phone balance or voice plan.

In addition, I observed the number of phone calls made to auto-end at 60 minutes.

Solution: This is why you need to ensure that your phone has enough credit to complete the call or look up the internal call settings on your phone.

 Delayed Notifications    

Delayed Notifications is another 25 Common Android problems faced by budget phones. If you are running on budget phones then you always need to compromise in terms of RAM Consumption. Due to the lower RAM, your device can’t wake up instantly after receiving the notifications.

Besides this, if you have turned on the Battery Saver options then the phone can’t get notified although you get the notifications.

Solution: For this, you have to turn off the Battery Saver options on your phone. Besides this upgrading, the phone is also another best decision.

 Wi-Fi Get Disconnect Automatically    

The connectivity of data to smartphones is vital to its operation, whether it’s the cellular data you’re connected to or Wi-Fi data. One of the frequent problems with Wi-Fi is that it shifts back to the mobile network when the phone is put to sleep.

Solution: The issue is caused by the sleep policy of Wi-Fi in Android. Select your Advanced Wi-Fi settings and set the Keep Wi-Fi active in sleep mode to Never. This ensures that the switch-over doesn’t happen.

Google Play Service Error

Sometimes, the phone will display a pop-up in the middle of the screen, displaying, unfortunately, Google Play services have been shut down. If any causes are responsible for this issue, you can solve it with,

  • Restarting your phone
  • Clearing the Google Play service app cache
  • Update the Google Play service application
  • Uninstall your Google account and sign-in
  • Updates and synchronization of your phone.


Dealing with the 25 common Android problems is not a hard task for you after getting the right solution. If your Android phone gets faced any type of problem like the above then you can fix it easily without taking the help of an expert.

Here you can easily Download the Common Android mobile phone problems and solutions PDF.

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