25 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions (2023)

The iPhone stands out from other smartphones in terms of smooth and flawless operation. But that doesn’t mean Apple’s well-known smartphone didn’t come with some issues. Like the Android phones, iPhone users faced a variety of problems of the day. So, we mention the 25 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions.

You have come to the right place, here we will fix them together. We have decided to make a list of 25 common iPhone problems and solutions, read this article step by step to solve these problems.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many issues to face on any device without limiting the cost and brands. Compared with other Android phones, the iPhone is superior in every aspect, including the software update, Combination of Hardware, and Software, each of which is great. Let’s talk about the 25 Most Common iPhone Problems and their solutions.

 25 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions   

Although there’s all good, you need to cope with the different issues with the time. Among the number of possible issues, Battery Draining is one of them. This phone operates on iOS, which is unique in the world. Only Apple’s product comes with this OS.

Therefore, to deal with all your common issues with your iPhone, we will guide you with its common problems, including the solution.


It’s completely normal to have your iPhone get hot when it’s charging and playing intense games for long periods; however, if you notice it’s getting too hot that you’re unable even to touch it, that’s an ideal thing.

The phone’s temperature getting too hot even when you are not doing any work isn’t normal. If your phone is overheated and causes permanent damage to its battery, it is important to be cautious when your phone begins to heat up when you plug it in.

It is best to remove the heavy apps and games you have installed onto your iPhone. Additionally, you can speed your phone back to its normal temperature. The placement of the phone on more hot surfaces will make your phone quickly hot. Therefore, remove your phone from the hot area to prevent the battery from getting damaged.

Furthermore, if the space in which you keep your iPhone charged is extremely hot, it’s not going to be helping the situation, and your iPhone could even not charge until it’s back to normal temperature.

Data Connection Not Working

There are many reasons that the cellular connection might not be functioning properly for your iPhone. The issue could be caused by an outage or network problems on your iPhone. If you encounter this issue, ensure a stable and reliable cellular connection and no interruption in your area.

If the issue continues If the issue persists, you can reset your network settings to rid yourself of the slow network. To reset the network settings:

  1. Navigate to your Settings App on your phone, and select General.
  2. Select Reset and then select Reset Network Settings.
  3. After successfully resetting the network, verify whether the issue has been fixed.

Battery Draining

When your smartphone is older, it may think that the battery isn’t longer than it did in the past. It’s normal for all devices that have rechargeable batteries. As batteries get older through regular usage, they decrease their capacity to store the amount of energy they once could.

However, if the battery’s capacity has fallen to an unacceptable level, There’s no quick solution. You’ll have to accept it or get it replaced. The good thing is that replacing it won’t be as difficult as you imagine, and if you have the right tools, you could even complete it yourself.

If your battery is good, You can check your battery settings to determine whether an application consumes excessive energy.

White Screen on iPhone    

If your iPhone is not upgraded successfully during the procedure, it might display a white screen. Unofficial jailbreaking methods or hardware issues could result in an iPhone White Screen of Death. You can reboot the device. I

If none of these solutions solve the issue, you can try to reset your iPhone hard (factory reset). If the hard reset method doesn’t work, boot the iPhone using the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

Black Screen on iPhone

Like a White screen, sometimes your iPhone will display a Black screen. The accidental dropping of your iPhone and spilling water on it, or updating an app malware and poor firmware, jailbreak, etc. It could be the reason for iPhone’s dark Screen.

To solve the issue, begin by charging your iPhone completely to eliminate any issue with the battery. Also, if the issues persist, you can restore your iPhone to its factory settings using iTunes; however, this can lead to iPhone data loss.

Stuck at Apple Logo

One of the most frequent issues that most iPhone users face is that the iPhone is stuck with the Apple logo issues. It’s true that due to bugs or software issues, sometimes your iPhone gets stuck at Logo when it is starting up.

If your iPhone encounters the same problem or issue, you should attempt to restart the device. Since we have seen the majority of users, who are relieved by eliminating this issue, if not, reboot your gadget.

Data Loss after Upgrade    

In most cases, following an iPhone jailbreak or updates to an updated version, you can lose iPhone photos, videos, contacts, and messages. If it results in iPhone lost data, iCloud or iTunes backup can be a lifesaver. However, if you wish to recover only certain types of data, such as only photos, videos, chat messages or chat messages, etc.,

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is the best DIY software to test this. You can use it to recover only the iPhone data you require instead of complete restoration using iTunes/iCloud.

Water Damage

If your iPhone is filled with water and you are in trouble, you might not know how to proceed. You are more likely to have your iPhone damaged when you are dropped into the water.

In this case, you should take the water out of all ports and pores. Additionally, dry it by rubbing it with a towel, then remove your SIM card. Don’t plug it in or switch it on. It is also possible to store it in silica gel sachets for about 2 days to dry.

Volume Button Issue

If you’ve dropped your phone into a hard object, you’ll have the highest chance of cracking your phone or experiencing problems with the hardware. In the list of hardware issues to break down or stop working, the button for volume is just one of them.

If the Volume button ceases working, then you might lose your peace. However, don’t fret because you’ll be able to easily manage the volume of your Media calls, Calls, and Notifications volume.

For this, go to the Settings>Accessibility>Assistive Touch; you can turn on the assistive touch features. You can then adjust the volume quickly.

Forget Password

Many users would be confused about their passwords once they were made it. So, if you’re the person who was able to forget your password (PIN or Password, patterns), the solution is to fix it easily. Forgetting passwords is a common issue in this list of 25 common iPhone Issues and Solutions.

To do this, reset your phone and restore your data on iCloud. The future isn’t sure, and we could forget our password, so in this case, we could have to reset our iPhone. I advise you to take back your phone’s information during the fix intervals.

If you do not want to lose your data and do not back it up, remember to enter the password you’ve set. Additionally, you have the alternative to gaining access to your smartphone using AI or biometrics.

Freezing the Apps/ Crashing

Applications freezing and crashing while running them is another issue that we can find for your iPhone. Like Android, it is not uncommon for your iPhone will crash when using the. This could be due to problems with the system, or it could be the old version of the application.

To resolve this, you should upgrade your phone. Updates to your phone can help solve the most common bugs and problems with your phone. We are aware that the manufacturer promotes updates to sort out these issues.

Similarly, re-updating the specific apps that were crashing is also a method. If your device isn’t getting updated, you should upgrade the App via your App Store. You can look for app updates on the App Store.

Camera Roll Crash

Sometimes, an iPhone camera might not function properly. This is often referred to as Camera Roll Crash. If your iPhone camera crashes or fails to respond, this could cause an insignificant amount of pictures in your Gallery.

If you are experiencing this case, you can try to fix the issue by resetting your device. Before that, save the backup of all your phone’s data into the iCloud.

Screen not Responding

If your iPhone isn’t responding to your taps any longer, you may have an unresponsive display. This is often a hardware issue. In this instance, you’ll have to replace your display.

If it is only happening in certain apps, it’s more likely that the App you’re using doesn’t work compatible with your device’s hardware. Sometimes, it happens. Therefore, try restarting your iPhone and verify if you’re still experiencing the same issue. If not, then you have an issue with your display.

No Update

One of the most common iPhone issues is that your iPhone isn’t being up-to-date with the most recent iOS version. This is a common issue on your old iPhone. However, it may be difficult for the more recent models of iPhones. However, it can happen.

In this situation, you can test checking for updates on your iPhone. In addition, you can make your phone change into Recovery Mode using Macbook. From Recovery Mode, you can select the method in which your iPhone can receive the most Version Update. Update.

Not Charging/ Stop Charging

If your iPhone gets extremely hot, charging may be slow. In addition, if the phone’s ports are wet or are plugged with dust and dirt particles, charging could be slow, or your phone isn’t able to charge.

First, as we said earlier, ensure your iPhone isn’t overheated or won’t charge. There’s a chance you’ll see an error message in this scenario, but it does not wait until it cools before trying again.

Also, you’ll need to be sure that your iPhone isn’t the issue since charging problems are likely to result from an adapter or cable. Suppose you can connect the iPhone to a different device or use a different cable to test it to see if it does the trick. Try using the MagSafe charger or the standard Qi Wireless chargers to determine whether it makes a difference.

AI Face ID Not Working

Face ID is the AI system that allows us to unlock phones using our faces. Face ID issues are an additional common iPhone issue you might be facing. If this is the case, then the best solution is to take steps to clear the camera on your face.

Face ID is indeed compatible with your camera for selfies. In this case, if your lens for selfies is clogged with dust and other particles, it is important to cleanse it first. You should also check whether the phone’s case is the cause or conceal the camera for selfies.

If your phone does not recognize your face (yikes! ), You can start by creating a new Face ID. Follow this procedure: Settings>Face ID and Passcode>Reset the Face ID.

Proximity Sensor Not Working

If the display screen on your iPhone is illuminated during a call, the proximity sensor isn’t functioning properly. This could cause issues when using the touch screen. A malfunctioning proximity center on iPhone may result from a manufacturer’s fault or a software problem. The issue could also arise following the replacement of the iPhone screen.

For troubleshooting issues with restarting your iPhone restart it or do a factory reset. You can also restore your iPhone by using iTunes with DFU mode to resolve problems with the proximity sensor. 

Wifi Connection Problem

In some cases, the weak signal on your iPhone could not connect to this network. If there’s an issue in your wifi settings, you’ll have to deal with the issue. To resolve the problem with your wifi connection, restart the wifi device.

Also, making sure you check the proxy and the network of your wifi network is among the best thing to take. On the other hand, you could also reset your phone’s wifi settings if you require it.

iTunes Error 3194

If you attempt to restore or even upgrade your iPhone, it could show the message iTunes Error 3194. Because of the non-matching or incompatible ROM installed or upgraded on your iPhone causes this error.

To correct this issue, try the factory reset on your iPhone. The phone’s fault is the only reason you be able to reproduce this error. You can therefore be able to get rid of this issue by resetting the phone.

Error 53 & 56

iPhone Error 53 and 56 generally occur when you restore the device using iTunes. iPhone models that have fingerprint scanners usually encounter the error 53. This could be due to an issue with the hardware or software issue. Try using another USB cable, test with another port, or even restore your iPhone using a different computer to get rid of the problem. Close all third-party applications, such as antivirus, games, etc. On the iPhone, before performing a restore or upgrade via iTunes.

Speaker Not Working

If you cannot hear sound on your iPhone, first ensure that the phone is not in silent mode, that the volume button is turned up, and that Bluetooth is off. If you still cannot hear or hear any sound, start any music app and adjust the volume with the volume slider or the volume button.

You may also try restarting your phone since restarting solves many phone problems. If nothing works, it could be because of a malfunction caused by hardware. The iPhone speaker should be repaired or replaced.

Earpiece Not Working

Suppose you are unable to hear anything through the earpiece of your iPhone. Try to fix the issue yourself. You can try calling two or more persons to find out the sound you hear. If you cannot hear them through your earpiece but can hear them using a wired or wireless headset or on the speakerphone, the issue is most likely with the earpiece’s receiver.

Check your sound settings and verify you have the right volume on the highest level.

Backup Process Not Working

Sometimes iPhone does not allow backup of files to iCloud. If this is the situation, ensure that iCloud storage space is empty. If it’s full, try to erase some information from it. It can contain unwanted photos, games, pictures, and more. Game apps consume a lot of space in storage, similar to the mail application. It is therefore important to clear it.

If you want all the data to be stored, you can upgrade the storage plan. Before you try these options, verify if any iOS updates are available. If not, you can try resetting the network settings by changing wifi passwords and cellular and VPN settings. You can do this by going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.

Limited Customization

We can’t find bloatware and customization features like on Regular Android. Yes, iPhone users need to be limited in terms of customization. For some users, it may be boring to use the same UI always. 

If It’s on Android then we can taste the new flavor with the New custom UI, App icons, and themes. But in iPhone, we need to think about it. Don’t worry, you can also find some apps on the app store that facilitate basic customization.

Apps not Installed

iPhone doesn’t let you install the apps downloaded from other sources. You need to download the apps from the App Store only. But in some cases, if you try to install then you need to allow special permission there.

For this, you have to grant permission from unknown sources as like on Android.


These are the common iPhone problems and their solutions. You may face these problems with your phone if you’re also an iPhone user. Yes, if your phone faces these common iPhone problems, you can get fixed with the solutions mentioned there.

In this post, we have described the 25 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions. What do you think about this post, Did this help you? please give your valuable suggestions in the comments box.

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