How to fix call ended Problem in Jio/Airtel/ Bsnl/ Vi

You are making an important phone call, and suddenly the call ends and displays “Call Ended” immediately after dialing.

This situation can be frustrating and it is natural to feel irritable. During such moments, you might be wondering: How can you resolve the Call Ended error, whether you are using Jio, Airtel, or VI as your mobile network provider?

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What is the “Call Ended” problem?

The “Call Ended” issue is a problem that occurs when a phone call ends automatically Without Ringing or suddenly or without any warning.

Call Ended immediately after dialing problem can be very frustrating and inconvenient for users, as it hinders their ability to communicate effectively.

Calls may disconnect automatically, displaying in the following ways:

  • Instant disconnection: The call ends immediately after dialing, without any ringing or connection to the other party.
  • Mid-call disconnect: Calls may drop during an ongoing conversation, resulting in inconvenience and loss of important information.
  • No ring: In some cases, there is no indication that the call has been disconnected; it ends without any warning or message.

What causes a call to end immediately after dialing?

Here are Some common reasons for calls ending:

  • Poor Network Coverage
  • Network Congestion
  • Call Quality Issues
  • Call Forwarding or Diversion Settings
  • SIM Card Issues
  • Low Battery or Device Overheating
  • Network Handover Issues

How to Fix Call Ended Problem

  • Check Your Network
  • Reboot Your Phone
  • Recharge Your Plan
  • Verify the Entered Number
  • Disable and Enable the Network
  • Toggle Airplane Mode
  • Check your Phone Balance
  • Disable Call Barring
  • Insert the Main SIM into Slot 1
  • Configure SIM Card and Mobile Network Settings
  • Contact Customer Care

Check Your Network

It is one of the initial troubleshooting steps to address the call ended problem. It involves assessing the strength and stability of your mobile network signal to ensure that it’s not the primary cause of call disconnections.

  • Signal Strength: Often represented by signal icons, a strong signal typically has more bars, while a weak signal has fewer bars. Ensure that you have a reasonable signal strength for making calls.
  • Network Mode: Check if your device is set to the appropriate network mode. You can usually select between 2G (GSM), 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G (if available). Choose the most suitable network mode for your area to improve call stability.
  • Change Location: Occasionally, moving to a different location, especially in an area with known network coverage issues, can lead to a stronger signal.
  • Network Provider: Confirm that you are using a network provider with good coverage in your area. Some providers have better coverage in certain regions than others.
  • Roaming: If you are in a different geographical area, ensure that you are not unintentionally roaming on another network, which can lead to call disconnects.
  • Data Connection: Disable data (3G/4G/5G) during calls to determine if data interference is a factor, as in some cases, data usage during a call can affect call stability.
  • Network Outages: Check with your service provider for any known network outages or maintenance issues. They may have posted updates on their website or through customer service.

Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting your Smartphone involves restarting the device, which can effectively resolve various software-related issues, possibly fixing the “Call Ended” problem.

Recharge Your Plan

Recharging your plan means adding credit or balance to your prepaid account to make sure you have enough balance to make calls and stop the “Call Ended” problem caused by a low or depleted balance.

Verify the Entered Number

Verify the Entered Number is a troubleshooting step to address the “Call Ended” problem, especially when you experience immediate call disconnections without any ringing or connection. This step focuses on ensuring that the dialed phone number is correct and properly formatted.

  • Check for Typing Errors: Carefully review the phone number you have entered and dialed. Pay close attention to digits and verify that you haven’t made any typing mistakes, including missing or extra digits.
  • International Dialing Codes: When making international calls, make sure that you have included the correct country code and area code. Failure to include these codes can cause an incomplete or invalid number.
  • Special Characters: Avoid using special characters, such as hyphens, parentheses, periods, spaces, or punctuation marks in the phone number. Stick to numeric digits only.
  • Format: Confirm that you are using the correct format for the phone number, considering any regional or local formatting.
  • Use Contacts: If possible, use your phone’s contact list to select and dial the number. This can help reduce the likelihood of manual input errors.
  • Dial from Recent Calls: If you have recently dialed the number without any errors, try redialing it from your call history. This can help ensure accuracy.
  • Verify Contact Information: If you are calling a contact from your address book, make sure that the contact’s phone number is up to date and correctly stored.

Disable and Enable the Network

Disable and Enable the Network are troubleshooting steps to address the “Call Ended” problem, specifically when you encounter issues with call stability and connectivity. This method involves temporarily turning off your device’s network connection and then reactivating it after refreshing and resetting network settings.

  • Access Network Settings: Go to the network or connectivity settings, which are usually found in the device’s settings menu.
  • Toggle Airplane Mode: Turn on Airplane Mode in the network settings. This will disable all network connections, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Wait for a Few Seconds: While the device is in Airplane Mode, allow a brief pause of about 15 to 30 seconds. This gives it time to disconnect from the network completely.
  • Turn Off Airplane Mode: After the waiting period, turn off Airplane Mode. This will reactivate the network connections.
  • Monitor Network Connection: Once you’ve turned off and re-enabled the network, monitor your network signal strength and check to see if you can make calls without the “Call Ended” problem happening again.
  • Test the Call: Place a test call to verify if the issue persists. If it does, proceed to steps to solve the problem.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Toggling Airplane Mode is a troubleshooting step for fixing the “Call Ended” problem, primarily when you encounter issues with call stability, network connectivity, or other communication problems.

  • Access Quick Settings: Depending on your device, you can find the Airplane Mode option in your device’s quick settings. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access these settings.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode: Tap the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on. This action will disable all wireless connections on your device.
  • Wait for a Few Seconds: Allow a brief pause of about 15 to 30 seconds with your device in Airplane Mode. This makes sure that all wireless connections are fully disabled.
  • Turn off Airplane Mode: After the waiting period, tap the Airplane Mode icon again to turn it off. This action will reactivate all of your wireless connections.

Check your Phone Balance

First, check your phone balance.

  • Access your account balance: Depending on your mobile service provider, you can check your prepaid account balance through various methods:
  • Dial a specific code (e.g., *123#) and press the call button.
  • Use your mobile provider’s official app or website to check your account balance.
  • Contact customer support through a dedicated phone number.
  • Review your balance: Once you have checked your account balance, verify whether you have sufficient credit or funds to make a call.
  • Recharge if necessary: If your balance is insufficient to make calls, consider recharging your prepaid account with the desired amount to ensure that you have enough credit to make calls.
  • Reattempt the call: After recharging your account or ensuring that you have a sufficient balance, reattempt the call to see if the “Call Ended” problem is resolved.

Disable Call Barring

Disabling Call Barring is a troubleshooting step to address the “Call Ended” problem, specifically when your mobile service provider is barring or restricting calls.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Open Apps.
  • Tap call settings.
  • Then, tap Advanced settings.
  • Tap on Call barring.
  • Go to Call Barring.
  • Disable all options.
How to fix call ended
fix call ended - system app settings
call ended immediately in airtel - call settings
call ended problem in vi - advance settings
fix call ended problem in bsnl - call barring
call ended problem in mi phone - Select jio
How to fix call ended problem - call barring


  • Access the Dialer: Open the Phone app on your mobile device.
  • Enter the Appropriate Code: To disable call barring, you’ll need to enter a specific code depending on the type of call barring you want to deactivate. There are typically three types of call barring:
  • Enter your barring password if prompted.
  • Enter Barring Password: You may be asked to enter your call barring password. This password is typically set by you or your service provider and is required to make changes to call-barring settings. If you haven’t set a barring password, contact your service provider to obtain it.
  • Confirmation: You should receive a confirmation message indicating that call barring has been successfully disabled after entering the appropriate code and barring password.

Insert the Main SIM into Slot 1

Focus on ensuring that your primary SIM card is placed in the first SIM card slot of a dual-SIM device. This can help optimize network connectivity and reduce call disconnection issues.

  • Identify SIM slots: Locate the SIM slots on your dual-SIM phone. Typically, these slots are labeled as “Slot 1” and “Slot 2.”
  • Remove the SIM card: If your primary SIM is not already in Slot 1, carefully take it out of its current slot.
  • Insert into Slot 1: Gently insert the primary SIM card into Slot 1, making sure it is securely in place and properly aligned.

Configure SIM Card and Mobile Network Settings

It is a troubleshooting step to fix the Call Ended problem by adjusting specific settings on your SIM card and mobile network to improve call quality and reduce call drops.

Enable setting:

  • Open Settings Apps.
  • Tap SIM cards & mobile networks.
  • Tap on VoLTE.
How to fix call ended problem in jio - enable Volte

Reset APNs setting:

  • First, Open Settings.
  • Tap SIM cards & mobile networks.
  • Then, tap on the SIM card.
  • Press Access Point Names.
  • Tap Reset.
fix call ended problem on android - reset apns
fix call ended on android - reset apns


  • Access Device Settings: Open the settings menu of your mobile device.
  • Navigate to SIM Card Settings: Depending on your device, you might find SIM card settings under “Network & Internet,” “Mobile Networks,” or a similar category.
  • Select SIM Card: If your device is dual-SIM, choose the SIM card for which you want to configure settings.
  • Adjust Network-Related Settings: Depending on your device and mobile network provider, you might have options to configure settings such as:
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE): Enable or disable VoLTE based on your network provider’s support. VoLTE can enhance call quality and stability.
  • Access Point Names (APNs): Check and edit your APN settings to ensure they are correct for your network provider.
  • Preferred Network Type: Select the preferred network type, such as 4G, 3G, or 2G, depending on your network coverage and device capabilities.
  • Save Changes: After adjusting the settings, make sure to save your changes.
  • Restart Your Device: To make use of the new settings, restart your device.

Contact Customer Care

If previous troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, contact your mobile service provider’s customer care or visit a SIM card retailer to.

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Why is my phone showing call ended?

Your network is not working, or your plan has expired.

How do I fix the call ended on my Android phone?

Recharge your plan or contact customer care.

What is the meaning of the call ended abruptly?

If your call ended abruptly, it means that the network is not available or your recharge plan has expired.

Every time I try to call, it says call ended. What do I do now

Restart your phone, Recharge your plan, or contact customer care.

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