How to Change Username in Snapchat in 2023 [Complete Guide]

How to Change Username in Snapchat in 2023): Like other social platforms, Snapchat also features changing the Username. Here, you can customize and set your Username for your account. Username is the unique ID or permalinks of every user. It is the link to your profile through which one can easily find and connect with you. 

Are you worried about How to change Username on Snapchat 2023? If yes, then don’t worry. Here we have prepared the method to set your unique Username for your Snapchat ID within a minute. 

What is a Username in Snapchat?

The Username is the unique Name or link of the user. It can’t be the same as the Display name in your profile. Remember, the Username is always unique. As we know, we can find many IDs with the same Name and Last Name. So, it isn’t easy to point out in the crowd of the users.

That’s why the concept of the user ID is in practice. In short, it’s the unique Name of the users, which is preset by the default and can be changed as per the need. 

Now, here you will see how to change your snapchat username without deleting your account?

Changing Username in Snapchat?

As we have already mentioned, the Username is always unique and your account’s permanent/ real identity. In terms of Snapchat, the users cannot change the Username for a year once it is changed. 

When choosing the Username, it must be fresh. As we all used to set the custom username, sometimes it’s not easy to set the Username the same as the display name. As an example, my Display Name is Bijay Sharma, so I may not find the Username like bijaysharma. In this situation, you have to add the other letters and numbers or set the other Username like handsomebijay, onlybijaysharma, etc.

Again, the Username is the real identity of your profile. By using your Username, one can easily find out you on Snapchat without spending time searching the Display name for an hour.

Snapchat Username Vs. Display Name

The Display Name is shown on the top with the bold letter in your Snapchat. It is the profile name on your Snapchat. Before finding out the how to change your Username on Snapchat in 2023, we want to clarify the Difference Between a Snapchat username and a Display Name

Display Name is the profile name shown in the highlighted word on your profile. It is the head name of your profile that can match the number of users globally. It’s your Name that you set to give your identity to Snapchat.

Coming to the Username, it’s the unique identity of your profile. It’s the living identity of your profile through which one can get your profile in search by just typing it.

How to Change your Username on Snapchat on Android

Changing the Username is Snapchat is not a hardworking job for you. If you are a new user, you can change it easily as per your need. However, Snapchat tries to give the Username to your account automatically while creating your account for the first time, but it may not be as your wish.

So, let’s check out these steps that you can follow to change your Snapchat username 2023. Just handle your Android device and be ready to follow the steps now. Here’s how to change username in snapchat ios or android

  • Open Snapchat App on your android phone and tap on the Bitmoji icon (Profile shown on the left top side of your screen). It opens your profile Dashboard.
  • From the profile, tap on the Settings icon given on the top right side of your device screen. It opens the settings of your Snapchat.

From Settings, tap on the Username option. Under Username, it asks you to change Username. Here it shows your current Username. So, tap on Change username.

It shows the Pop-up window about the terms and conditions for changing the Username. It shows that ‘Your Username can only be changed once a year. Confirm it by tapping on Continue.

  • Now, set the Username as per your wish. At the same time, typing or setting the new Username, you need to enter the unique one. If the Username you typed is already in use or exists by others, you have to choose another username.
  • Set the Username and tap on Next.
  • Enter your password. To confirm your Username, you have to enter your Snapchat login password.
  • Tap on Continue to confirm your new Username on Snapchat. 
  • Oh hey, your new Username! Has been successfully updated. Tap on continue.

That’s how you can follow to change the Username on Snapchat without deleting your account. Like Android, you can follow these same steps on your iPhone device. 

How to Change Display Name in Snapchat

Besides the Username, the display name is equally important for Snapchat users. Changing the Display Name in Snapchat is also easy as changing the Username. Check out these steps.

  • Go to your Profile Dashboard, and tap on the left Human Icon shown on your screen (bitmoji). It opens your profile.
  • Tap on the Settings icon as shown in the image. It will open the settings and shows the different features to control and manage your account.
  • Tap on Name as shown here. You can find your current profile name on the left side of the Name. In my case, it’s Finincialnp.
  • Correct the current Username. Here you need to clear the current Username by tapping the Clear Sign on your keyboard or tapping on Remove Name

Enter the new Display Name and tap on Save.

How to Change Username in Snapchat - new username

Here the system changes your Name instantly and is ready to visible the new Display name to all the users. 

How to Change Snapchat Username before 1 Year?

The only way to change your Snapchat Username before 1 year is by creating a new account. Yes, to solve Snapchat Username Change Error, you have to delete your account or create the new one.

The best way is to create a new Snapchat Account. Check these steps that solve your problem regarding the Username. 

  • Delete your Current/ Existing Snapchat account and tap on the Sign-Up.
  • Fill up your details, First and Last Name and tap on Sign Up & Accept.
  • Set your Birthday information, and tap on Continue.
  • Enter the Username here. Based on your Profile Name (First and Last Name), Snapchat automatically sets your Username. So, it’s better to set your custom username here. Set the custom Username and then Continue.
  • Set a new password, and try to set the strong password. Then Continue.
  • Enter Your Mail Address, Mobile Number, and then Continue to proceed. 
  • Verify your phone number with OTP. You are finally done. 


Why can’t I change my username on Snapchat ?

s per the new rules of Snapchat, the users are not allowed to change their Username before a year. Yes, indeed, it is not easy to change the Username of Snapchat before a year. To change the Username before that period, you need to delete an account or create the new one. You can check out the steps to change the Username a year above.

Snapchat username change error, Why?

You have to wait for a year to change the Username or set the new Username in Snapchat. In terms of Facebook, you have to wait for the

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