How to Delete Contacts on iPhone [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you don’t regularly remove the contacts from your iPhone, it won’t take long for your address book to appear cluttered with many duplicates. Even more disturbing, if you’ve activated iCloud Contacts and enabled it, any unimportant contact information from devices connected to the same account can sync to your device.

You are leaving your Phone book in a total mess. So, here’s how you can try to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone 11, 12,13, 14 & newer quickly. 

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

If the contacts that you wish to erase are stored on iPhone, you can follow the steps below to delete the contacts on your iPhone.

  • Open the Contacts App and then select the Contact you wish to delete.
  • On the Contacts information screen, choose the Edit option in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • You can scroll to the bottom of the next page and select the Delete contact option.
  • In the confirmation pop-up, tap on “Remove Contact” to confirm.

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone with iCloud Settings

Before you begin, we should ensure that you are sure that your iPhone contacts are synced with iCloud. You can remove all previously synced contacts from iCloud from your phone. Here are the specific steps to delete contact information from iCloud:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to your iCloud Name.
  • Tap on “iCloud.”
  • Find contacts and turn them off.
  • A window will open. Click “Delete from My iPhone.”

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone 12,13, 14 With iCloud Settings

If you are only looking to remove just a couple of contacts, it’s easy to do so directly on your iPhone. However, if you need to delete several iPhone contacts at once, you must use the iCloud service. It is assumed that you sync your contacts to iCloud, of course. 

If you do not do that, you can remove each one at a time using the iPhone or use an app from a third party. This article shows you how to use iCloud to delete all of the contacts on your iPhone.

  • Log into your iCloud account through your web browser. 
  • Enter your credentials to log in. 
  • Select Contacts.
  • Hold down long-press the command key on the Mac (or press the control keys on a computer in the case of iCloud on Windows), and then tap every Contact you want to erase. They will be highlighted in blue when you select them. If you’re going to erase single Contact, you can tap the Contact to select it.
  • The lower right corner is where you can choose. On the menu that pops up, choose the delete option. Tap the Delete button within the box that pops up to confirm the deletion.

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone iOS by Removing Gmail and Outlook Contacts 

If your contacts are taken out of Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, you can follow the steps below to remove the contacts for your email account from your iPhone.

1. Go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts and choose your email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

2. Toggle the switch adjacent to Contacts into the OFF position on the next screen.

3. On the confirmation pop-up, choose the “Delete on My iPhone” option.

It will remove the contacts transferred to your iPhone by your mail account.

How to Delete all Contacts on iPhone at once from Outlook or Gmail Contacts on the iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to only select and delete one Contact at a time on the iPhone, and there’s no way to delete multiple contacts on the iPhone.

The only way to get rid of several Gmail and Outlook contacts from your iPhone is to remove them from the account they came from (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and then allow the changes to sync to your device.

How do you block a contact on the iPhone?

If you’ve got a number in your contact list that you’re sure you’ll never have (or wish) to be contacted in the future and you’re not sure if it’s a good idea, take the initiative to delete it.

However, even after you delete the listing, if they have your number, they’ll continue to be able to contact you or send text messages. It would help if you stopped them before deleting the contact list to prevent this from happening.

Open the Phone or Contacts app and tap the person you wish to block.

Please scroll down to the bottom of their page with information and choose to block this caller.

Tap on the “Block this caller” option shown in red text.

Using third-party applications

It is more challenging if you’ve never connected your iPhone using iCloud and want to delete multiple emails. It’s possible to do it on the iPhone one at a given time, but you might prefer to use one of these applications. They have a variety of alternatives for deleting multiple contacts.

These are the best and most efficient contact managers to enable you to erase many iPhone contacts without difficulty. I recommend that you try Groups (free, but the full version is priced at $9.99) and Delete ContactsPlus (free and contact tools accessible on the market for $3.99). They make it easy to get rid of useless contact information on an iOS device and work well.

Remove Contacts+ is free when you make in-app purchases. At the App Store.

Groups The app is free and includes in-app purchases. Download it at the App Store.

  • Click “Settings” and then “Facebook” (or the app that includes contacts).
  • Follow the “Allow applications to access your accounts” section, and switch “Contacts” on to “Off.”


If the “Delete Contact” option is not available, fix it

If the option “Delete Contact” isn’t available, this typically means that it’s linked to a contact and being synced with an app such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow these steps to delete this Contact’s information from your app or stop it from syncing with that app:
Click “Settings” and then “Facebook” (or the app that includes contacts).
Follow the “Allow applications to access your accounts” section, and switch “Contacts” on to “Off.”

How can I connect my iPhone contacts to iCloud?

On your iPhone, go to Settings. Select your name, then iCloud. Go through the list and move the Contacts slider up to the green/on position.

How many contacts from iCloud can I add to my phone?

If you’re concerned about going over a limit, you probably do not need to. Based on Apple, iCloud supports up to 10,000 contacts.

Can I Delete Multiple Contacts on My iPhone?

Using iCloud, then users can delete multiple and all contacts quickly. You just need to go to iCloud and mark the contacts you want to delete. 

How do you Delete Multiple Contacts Quickly on your iPhone?

iCloud features the iPhone users to delete the multiple contacts quickly. The deleting process from the iPhone contacts App is slower. So, you can delete the multiple contacts via iCloud. 

How do I Delete the Contacts App on my iPhone?

Contacts App on iPhone is used to create, save and delete the contacts. From this app, the users can create and save contacts quickly. To delete the contacts, you need to tap on that Contact and then Delete Contact


Removing your contacts is simple, efficient, quick, and time-saving by following the methods above. It’s an easy and fast method to erase contacts from the iPhone or iPad, regardless of whether you’re looking to erase one contact, several, or all contacts.

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