How to Delete Discord message Fast (2023)?

How to Delete a Discord message Fast on android & Pc (2023)?: Discord allows users the ability to keep their message history forever. Due to this, it is sure one day; the message may be a major interruption to us. Discord, unlike other apps, does not allow users mass-delete their message history. This can be a problem for some because it violates privacy and security. Each message will need to be sorted through and deleted one at a time. We are now going to show you How To Delete Discord Messages effectively.

Bulk-deleting messages from a channel or server are not possible at the moment. Although you can delete any message you send via the Discord platform, it’s lazy and time-consuming. Here I mean, you can’t delete in Bulk.

How to Delete a Discord message on PC Manually

It is impossible to delete the bulk message from Discord. There are other methods to delete the message. You have two options: delete the message manually or use Chat Bots.

If you are on Windows or PC, you can easily delete the particular message of a specific chat. Although it’s a time-consuming process, it works for you. Here’s how you can delete Messages on Discord from your Desktop.

  • Open Discord on your computer and select the message you wish to delete manually.
  • To open the options, click on the three dots near the message.
  • Click on “More“, then select “Delete message“. The popup window will open to confirm that you have deleted the message.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking “Delete“.

How to delete Discord messages on Android Manually

Getting with an Android phone for Discord is better than Windows. Like Windows PC, the process to delete a particular message on Discord for Android is also easy. Here are the steps.

  • Open the Discord app on your phone and then go to the Message section or find the chat.
  • Tap on the message, and choose the message you want to delete.
  • Tap and hold on to a particular message (Tap and keep on pressing on that message). It opens the options.
How to delete Discord messages on Android Manually
  • Tap on the Delete. Here it asks you to confirm the process.
  • Just ensure it by tapping on the Delete.
How to delete Discord messages on Android
  • Finally Done.

Delete All Channel messages using MEE6 Bot

You can use a bot to delete all messages from a channel of your Discord server. Discord can delete messages from servers without any problems. You can delete channel messages if you have one.

Many bots offer bulk Delete. The MEE6 Bot is currently the favorite of server admins. The MEE6 bot installation is easy. Go to the official MEE6 website and click Add Discord. You will be asked to authorize MEE6 Bot to access your username and determine which server you are on.

Delete All Channel messages using MEE6 Bot
  • To link the MEE6 Bot to your Discord server, click on the Continue button in the popup window.
  • Click Authorize to add the Bot to your Discord server.
  • Click on the Moderator option in the plugins. This allows the MEE6 the ability to delete chats from your Discord account.

To enable it, click on Yes.

Delete All Channel messages using MEE6 Bot - Delete yes
  • You can access the Discord server by entering the following command: “Clear @username“. This will enable the system to delete any message sent to it from the user ID.
  • To delete a message from a particular ID, use the command above. This will remove the 100 first messages from this user.
  • You can also give additional commands depending on your requirements. You can delete 500 messages from the channel by typing’!clear 500.

Delete Discord Channel Message using CleanChat Bot    

CleanChat Bot is another great alternative bot to delete Discord Messages. This Bot allows you to delete messages in a matter of minutes. The bot process is faster than manual deletion and saves time.

This method is not fast, but it will be worth the effort. It’s simple to delete chat messages from Discord. This Bot can delete messages with a simple command. It also allows you to clone the channel, which is another way to have the same channel without sending any messages. This tutorial will show you how to delete discord messages using CleanChat Bot.

  1. Visit the following site, CleanChat | A Discord bot, for keeping the chat clean! ( your PC or Mobile with the help of any web browser.
  2.   Click on the blue download link highlighted with the text. Click here to add CleanChat to your server!!.
  3. It redirects you to the Discord log-in page. Here you can get logged in with your details.
  4. Now, you have to choose the server you’re cleaning up here. Then, click Continue.
  5. Next, you’ll see the list of permissions that this Bot needs to work.
  6. Click or tap the Authorize button when you’re ready.
  7. Confirm that you’re not a robot by correctly filling up the image captcha.
  8. Here, the notification shows that the CleanChat bot joined your Discord server.
  9. Start giving the command as per your need. Type the @CleanChat purge <number>command to purge a set number of the most recent messages from a channel.

This Chat Bot will allow you to delete Discord Messages. You can also easily clone the channel by simply giving the command @CleanChat purgechat. If you feel that cloning the channel would be the best, you can do it.

Clone the Channel To Get Rid Of Message

Cloning Discord channels is a great way to delete all messages from your channel or server. You can create a duplicate channel using the same members and settings, but you will need to clean up all messages. To do this, you must be the moderator/server owner.

  • Open Discord on your smartphone or computer.
  • Click on the options or Right-click on the channel’s name to find the option “Clone Channel”.
  • Click/tap on the Clone Channel option. Enter the name of your new channel. You will need to enter the channel’s title.
Clone the Channel To Get Rid Of Message
  • After giving a name to the channel, tap/click on the Create Channel button.
  • Finally done.

Cloning an original channel is simple and can help you get rid of the messages in large numbers. You can also delete your old/original channel once you have cloned it. You can delete the channel by clicking on the Delete channel button.


How do I delete all messages in Discord?

Discord does not allow you to delete all messages. You can only delete individual messages in Discord. Some tools claim to be legitimate, but they don’t work. For this, you can take the help of Chat Bot to delete in Bulk.

How can I delete messages sent to me on Discord?

You cannot delete messages that have been sent to you via Discord. You can delete messages from a server if you’re a moderator and have the Manage Messages permission. The rule allows you to delete messages from the server.

Does Discord offers an option to delete all messages?

Discord doesn’t support deleting all messages natively. Bots are capable of deleting messages in large quantities and different sizes. Some bots are capable of cloning channels, eliminating all messages.

How can I view deleted messages?

There is no way to view deleted messages. Channel admins and server administrators can see if a message has been deleted but cannot view its contents.

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