How to Enable dark mode in Chrome Android, iPhone & Mac

How to enable dark mode in Chrome on Android, iPhone & Mac (2022): The web browser based on Chromium is the most extensive and flexible browser with tons of features. When it comes to the user’s ease, we can find a pretty attractive option on the Chrome Dark Mode. The dark mode is the most excellent feature that creates a broad dark theme to access the whole site without less effort and with blue light in our eyes. Here we have mentioned how to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome.

Chrome is one of the most downloaded web browsers by Google. As is Google’s product, the trust flow of this browser is always at the top. 80% of users worldwide go through the chrome browser to get in touch with sites and web addresses. Whether it’s android, ios, Mac, or Windows, it works for you.

Understanding Dark Mode in Chrome

It is easy to switch to Google Chrome dark mode from any device. It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions and also lowers screen glare. !

Dark mode (or supplemental mode) allows you to switch the user interface (UI), on any device, from Light to Dark. The light level will decrease, making it easier to read at night. However, the minimum color contrasts necessary for reading are maintained to have the same reading experience as during the day. This means you won’t be putting your eyes at risk.

Google Chrome dark mode is excellent for browsing the web, regardless of whether you have a top-of-the-line windows laptop or if you prefer Macs and MacBooks. Although more research is required, a dark mode may be beneficial for your sleep (opening a new window) and less disruptive to your circadian rhythm.

Enable Dark Mode in Your Device (System-Wide Dark Mode)  

All the phones, Windows, and Mac running on updated versions support the system-based Dark Mode. Enabling the Dark Mode features from your device settings is one of the options to get the Dark Theme even in your Google’s Chrome Browser.

Enable Chrome to Dark Mode for Windows 11

  • Go to the Settings of your PC and then move towards the ‘Personalization.’  

Click on the given options, ‘Colors,’ and scroll down to the switch marked ‘Choose your default app mode.’  

How to enable dark mode in Chrome windos
  • Change this to ‘Dark,’ and all apps with a native dark mode, including Chrome, will change color.  
  • Finally Done.

Enable Chrome to Dark Mode for mac (OS)

  •  Go to the Settings on your Mac and then hover towards the ‘System Preferences.’  

 Go to the path, General>Appearance.

How to enable dark mode in Chrome mac
  •  Select the ‘Dark‘ option.

Enable Chrome to Dark Mode for Android  

  •  Go to the Settings from your phone and then move towards the Display settings.  
  •  Find Dark Mode, and tap on it.  
  •  Finally Done.  

 Enable Chrome to Dark Mode for iPhone   

  •  Go to the Settings app.  
  •  Scroll down to and tap on Display & Brightness.  
  •  Under the Appearance menu, tap Dark.  
  •  Finally Done.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Windows (PC)  

Suppose you are on the latest Windows 11, then it does not need to follow up this process. The device settings are enough to force you to get the dark mode in all apps on your Windows 11 PC, Laptop. But if you are running on an older version of Windows, you can still have an option to force the Chrome to work in Full Dark Mode.

  •  Open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or PC.  

 Type the address, chrome://flags on the search box of your Google Chrome browser.  

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Windows  Pc
  •  In the search box, type Dark. Here it shows the option Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents.  
  •  Click on the given option, then click on the Drop down menu provided on the left side.  
  • Click on the option Enabled.
How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Windows
  •  After that, you need to click on the given below option, Relaunch.  
  •  Finally Done.  

 How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android  

For Android users, you can also follow the same above steps. From the developer’s settings in your Chrome, you can force your Chrome to run in fully dark mode.

It’s one of the best and most powerful options to enable dark mode in android chrome. If the dark system mode doesn’t work or may not be a practical option for getting a dark mode experience, here’s how.

  •  Open the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone.  
  •  Tap on the search bar of your Google Chrome.  

 Type or copy this, chrome://flags, and hit enter or go on that link. It opens the developer and experimental settings in your Chrome.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android
  • You need to tap on the search box from that Developer settings and type DARK.  
  •  From the search result, tap on Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents. Near to that, you can get a dropdown menu option to choose, mentioned as Default as the primary head on that Dropdown.  
  •  Tap on the dropdown menu written with Default.  
  • Select the option Enabled. It asks you to relaunch the Chrome.
How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome on Android
  • Tap on Relaunch; finally done.

Switching towards the Incognito Mode  

An Incognito Mode is defaulted to work in dark mode. You can choose to go dark if you want to experience the dark way. The dark mode does not keep any data about your activities, but you can still share Dark Mode.

Using Dark Mode Extension

Install the Dark Reader extension in the Chrome Web Store to get dark mode across the web. You can use other browser extensions similarly, but we prefer Dark Reader the most of all dark mode extensions.

The extension applies a dark style automatically to all web pages you visit. You can click on the Dark Reader button in your toolbar to adjust this.

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