How to Hide Likes on Instagram iPhone, Android

How to Hide Likes on Instagram on iPhone or Android Phone: All the social platform features the users to share their content with friends and the public. Although sharing the content on Instagram is pretty good, some users may get quite unsatisfied with the number of Likes showing features. Yes, you can notice that Instagram indicates the number of likes you or someone got on a particular post. So, if you’re the one who wants to hide Likes on Instagram, then this is for you.

You’ve decided to conceal your Instagram followers so that no one except you can see what your posts are doing on the Instagram popularity contest. You’re now required to leap.

Luckily, Instagram makes it easy to remove likes from your posts before or after they’ve published them, but you don’t have to perform it for every post if you don’t need to.

Instagram puts you in control and lets you choose what you do with your followers through the app.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram using iPhone and Android in Own Post (Before Posting)  

Everyone is familiar with Instagram. It offers the option of showing the number of Likes that users have received in each post. If you’d like to conceal likes from Instagram in your post, then follow the instructions, and click on the Add or Create option from Instagram’s Instagram App Dashboard. Here’s How to Hide Likes on Instagram.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram iPhone
  • On the new Post, you will find an Advanced Settings option. Tap on that.
How to Hide Likes on Instagram android Iphone
  • Turn on Hide Like and view counts on this post from the Like and View Counts section.
  • Finally Done.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram using iPhone and Android in Own Post (After Posting)  

If you have already made a post on Instagram and are willing to hide likes on that particular post, then you can do this. Editing the privacy settings of that specific post is possible on Instagram. Check this.

  • Open the post for which you want to hide likes.
  • Tap the option/ three-dot menu at the top right.
How to Hide Likes on Instagram android Iphone
  • Tap on the Hide-like count shown in the pop-up.
  • Finally Done.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram in Other’s Posts  

Hiding your likes on Instagram may give you silence. Besides this, you can also quickly stop seeing the likes on others’ posts. Yes, if you don’t want to see the number of Instagram likes on your fan-following account, you can stop seeing them.

To hide likes on Instagram on Other’s posts, you can adopt these steps,

  • Launch the Instagram application on your smartphone and log in using your login credentials.
  • If you go to the settings of your Instagram account, You can click on the three lines in the upper right corner to access the settings.
How to Hide Likes on Instagram on android
  • Search in the search bar at the top of the Settings page, look for and tap Posts whenever you see it in your search results.
  • In the Views and Likes section, Swipe on the left to enable Hide Like and view Counts.
Hide Likes on Instagram

After applying this setting, you can see no more likes on others’ posts. Yes, now you can’t get any likes data or numbers even in other posts. You can revert this setting anytime to get back to the default settings, from where you can see/ view likes on Instagram again.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram Business Account

Hiding the likes features works on Business Accounts too. As like personal account, the process to hide Likes on an Instagram Business Account is the same, check these steps,

  • Visit your profile, click on the hamburger symbol, then click on ‘ Settings‘.
  • Tap on ‘ Privacy‘ and ‘ Posts‘.
  • Switch the switch on the right side that says ‘ hide likes and views‘.

How to see Likes on Instagram Again

It’s crucial to remember that these changes have to be permanent. If you hide Instagram likes on your posts or posts from others, it is possible to reconsider your decision and reverse the course.

To check the likes of Instagram posts by other people,

  • You can go to your privacy settings and turn the toggle off on the right side of Hide View Counts and Likes.
  • To display on Instagram the number of likes you have received on posts that are yours, click on your post, click on the three dots and select to hide the Likes Count.

If you decide to use this feature, it could be beneficial to be aware of ways to hide the likes of Instagram posts. In any case, the feature gives Instagram greater control over your posts’ content and your feed. That’s something that we can all be a part of. If you’re also looking to avoid getting lost in Instagram less often, this is how you can disable Instagram notifications or alter them according to your preference.

Can I Hide Instagram Likes?

If you want to cover your Instagram’s likes or followers is a matter of personal choice. The bottom line is that hiding likes are a method to inform your followers that the metrics aren’t significant to you. This is one less thing you need to consider when sharing your pictures.

It is possible to keep your Instagram likes in the public domain. Suppose you hope to use your account to be an influencer or to work with brands. Because brands want the return of their money, they’ll probably only be working with accounts willing to disclose how many likes a post is receiving.

If you hide likes on Instagram, can others see it?

If someone hides liked posts on their Instagram post, no one would be able to determine the number of likes and hits received from that post. In the same way, when you’re the author of the bar and have the base hidden, nobody can view the number of people who like that post.

In addition, if you are not keen on seeing the number of likes of your follower’s posts, you can modify the settings to be free of this. You can also block likes on Instagram in other posts to your liking.

Why can’t I hide likes on Instagram?

Instagram lets users do Likes on their posts and others as well. If you are not getting this feature on your Instagram, then you need to find out the reason.

In the beginning, you verify whether the Instagram apps you’re using are up-to-date or not. If not, then you should upgrade it first. After updating the app, you can check whether you access the features or not.

In addition, another reason not to block comments on Instagram is due to mistakes that occur on your phone. If your device is experiencing bugs, you can try this feature by creating your Instagram ID using a friend’s phone.

If none of the above fails to resolve the issue, you can submit a report through your Instagram settings, tap ” Help,” choose ” Report a Problem,” and then follow the steps shown on the screen.

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