How to link Twitter to Facebook (2023)

How to link Twitter to Facebook: Facebook is the number one social networking application today. With many users worldwide, it has become the top platform. Now, it’s become the product of Meta. Besides Facebook, we can also find another well-known platform named Twitter for sharing important messages and statuses for an extended period.

Just think, Linking these two platforms at a single profile is how much excited. Posting entertaining or informative content on Facebook and Twitter enables you to expand your fan base and promote your business.

You might be thinking about linking your Facebook Page or profile to your Twitter account. It would help if you considered linking your Facebook Page or profile to your Twitter account. There are many benefits. It is easy to access your Twitter handle via your Facebook profile.

How to Link your Twitter to Facebook on Windows  

  •  Open Facebook App (Desktop) or Visit if you are on Windows or PC.  
  •  Go to the profiles, and click on your profile icon to open this.  
  •  Click on the Edit Profile option given there.  
  •  Find the option Edit Your About Info from there.  
  • Move towards the Contact and basic info.  
How to link Twitter to Facebook - add social link
  •  Click on Add a social link from the social sites and links section. Here, you can add the desired or given social links as per your need.  
  •  Choose Twitter from there and add your Twitter Username.  
  • Save it, finally done.  
How to link Twitter on Facebook - save

Adding your Twitter ID link on Facebook is just simple. After linking your Twitter ID to your Facebook profile, you may feel good by creating the ecosystem of all social platforms.

Tip Log in to your Twitter account. Copy or take down your Twitter username.

How to Link your Twitter to Facebook on Android and iPhone  

If you are on Android or iPhone, it’s pretty easy to Link your Twitter Handle to Facebook in easy steps. You need to have your Twitter username. You can save it in your mind or copy the username on your mobile phone.

  •  Open the Facebook App on your Android or iPhone.  
  •  Tap on your profile. It opens your profile dashboard.  
  •  From there, you need to choose an option, Edit Details.  
  •  You need to scroll down and tap on the pencil-type icon near Social Links.  
  •  Go to the Websites and social links.  
  •  Tap on Add a Social Link.  
How to link Twitter to Facebook android
  •  Choose Twitter from that dropdown menu.  
  •  Enter or paste your Twitter username there.  
How to link Twitter to Facebook iPhone
  •  Tap on the option Save. Finally done.  

List of Social Platforms to Connect to Facebook

Besides Twitter, there is also a long list of social sites that you can add and connect to your Facebook Page and Profile. Here’s the list of platforms you can connect to.

  •  Instagram  
  •  Snapchat  
  •  YouTube  
  •  TikTok  
  •  Twitch  
  •  LINE  
  •  WhatsApp Account  
  •  WeChat  
  •  Pinterest  
  •  Kik  
  •  LINE  
  •  SoundCloud  
  •  LinkedIn  
  •  QQ  
  •  Spotify  
  •  GitHub  
  •  Oculus  
  •  Kakao Talk

Unlinking Twitter from Facebook

Facebook allows you to unlink and undo Twitter at any time. You only need to visit Visit the page and click the Unlink From Twitterlink link next to any Twitter accounts you do not wish to be associated with. 


A few years back, there was the best cross-connection between Twitter and Facebook from where you can easily create a cross-connection between them. But now, these features are disabled. Although we have access to link our Twitter Account on Facebook, we can’t participate in cross-connection.

Although we still miss out on these features, we can connect them to make our Facebook profile up to standard. What do you think about this “How to link Twitter to Facebook“.


Can You Still Link Twitter To A Facebook Page?    

It is still possible. However, you cannot add a Twitter profile URL to your Facebook page. You can’t cross-post to Twitter via Facebook. You can, however, post-Instagram posts to Twitter.

Why can’t you connect your Instagram Account with Facebook?

Three main reasons you may not be able to link the two accounts are: The first is that the Instagram account must be a business account. To connect the Facebook account to an IG account, you must have admin rights. If another Facebook page is connected to your Instagram account, you must disconnect it.

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