How to make a Slideshow on Facebook

Facebook allows you to share videos and images. People don’t like to read lengthy stories via status. Videos will enable them to tell each story uniquely. This slideshow feature offers Facebook users a new experience. This could be a game-changer for you and your company. Now it’s time to learn how to create/make a Slideshow on Facebook.

This feature was originally designed for Facebook’s mobile app. Now, users can create stunning slideshows using their Facebook Status Update.

This could be a powerful way for digital marketing companies and business agencies to increase sales and customer engagement. Users now can share a selection of their memorable weekend trips in slideshows. Facebook encourages people to upload videos, and its algorithm favors videos.

You can create a slideshow on Facebook using various online and offline video editing software. We can use these apps and tools to create stunning slideshows to increase engagement for your business, promotion, sales, or personal image/video status.

How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook App    

Facebook allows users to create slideshows. You can make the slideshow directly from your Facebook Page and publish it. You can easily create a slideshow for your Facebook posts using either the Apple iPhone or Google Android platforms. Here’s how to make a Slideshow on Facebook step by step?

  • Open your Facebook page. Then tap on create a post, from where you used to update a post as usual.
  • Now, select the media/ photo/ videos there.
  • Tap on the Turn into Video option from there.
  • From there, tap on the Settings tab given there. Here you have to choose the duration of the slideshow (the few seconds for every image).
  • Now decide the frame rate, aspect ratio, and transition type as you need. Try to make the slideshow effective, engaging, and attractive for a better lead. You can delete images and change the order in which videos and photos appear in the slideshow using the Edit option.
  • Upload or add the custom music for that slideshow. Facebook offers users the to pick up the royalty-free sound from there.
  • Add the photos for that slideshow. Here you can add up to 10 photos for this.
  • Before going, just do a Preview of that slideshow. Just play and preview the slideshow.
  • Tap on Create Slideshow,
  • After that, title the video, including the description there.
  • Check once all these things, then tap on Publish.

Here are some things you should know.

  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the Facebook slideshow can be chosen. Please choose 1:3. Choose 16:9 if you prefer a rectangle. If you select vertical, you can also select 2:3. Alternatively, the ratio can be determined by the slideshow’s first image.
  • Image Duration – Choose the length you want to display each image in your slideshow. You can choose between 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, or 5 seconds per slide in your Facebook slideshow.
  • Transition: Choose No or Fade to modify how the slideshow changes from one image to another.
  • Music – You can click Music and upload Music to the Facebook slideshow. You must have the right to use Music if you upload your tracks to broadcast them publicly.

Make A Creative Slideshow using Smilebox Slideshow Maker (Web tool/ Website)  

Although Facebook features creating a slideshow, it may not be as required. Also, I got that Facebook doesn’t allow these options for many countries like Nepal. So, that may be the reason to go for the alternative method. Also, Facebook App has limited options on that.

Videos and slideshows are more engaging and memorable than any other content on Facebook. It’s simple. People want to see the faces of people they care about, not read about them. If you have photos collecting digital dust on your phone or computer, it’s worth taking a few moments to create a slideshow with Smilebox Slideshow Creator.

Check these steps,

Visit the Smilebox Slideshow Maker site and click/tap Create a Slideshow. If you are new, simply log in with your Gmail ID.

How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook - slideshow maker
  • After that, tap/click on the nay template you wish to use in your slideshow. Here you can find the hundreds of templates based on your content. It features the holidays, tech, tutorials, birthdays, reviews, and many more templates.
  • Tap/Click on the Customize as shown in the image to procced the editing slideshow.
How to create a Slideshow on Facebook
  • Add photos to the slideshow. Here you have different options to add pictures to that slideshow. Here you can add the images by uploading from your phone/PC storage, importing from Facebook and Insta, and importing from the smilebox personal server (uploaded by you recently).
  • Add the photos from any source. For simplicity, you can drag and drop the photos if you are on a PC.
How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook - add photos
  • Decide the layout, order, flipping, zooming, etc., as per your need. Also, you can customize the color and many more for the text.
  • Browse the Music or sound for the slideshow. As per your slideshow, you can add the videos. If not, then don’t add it. To upload audio, simply tap/click on the Upload music option.
  • Add logo or branding details in the slideshow. For the business slideshow, it’s best and most effective to add the brand’s logo. To add a business identity at the end, you can go to Manage Your Brand. From there, you can add your logo and social profile details easily.
  • Preview the slideshow. If not okay, then again, customize it by taking time.
  • Tap on Preview & Share and then Continue.
Make A Creative Slideshow online - preview
  • Title your project and then tap/click the option NEXT.
  • Now, share it on Facebook. For that, tap on Share on Facebook. It opens the pop-up window on your screen from where you can post to Facebook.
Make A Creative Slideshow on facebook online

Smilebox Slideshow Maker is one of the wonderful options that I got through. You can create an attractive slideshow in a few steps. It’s a free web tool to make your stunning slideshow. Besides sharing the slideshow on Facebook, you can also download it.

Just download and save it to your device and upload it to your Facebook.

Make a Slideshow for Facebook Using Wondershare Flimora Software      

Wondershare is another powerful tool for creating stunning slideshows for Facebook. This software allows you to create the most engaging slideshows for Facebook in just a few minutes.

Wondershare Filmora is the best choice for beginners. Wondershare Filmora is a software tool that allows you to create slideshows with various titles, music tracks, and transitions. To make your slideshow even better, you can crop/trim/cut them.

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