How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram on Android, iPhone, Pc, or Mac: Instagram allows users to unlink the number from their Profile. If you are sensitive in terms of privacy, then you are allowed to Remove the Phone number from your Instagram in easy steps.

Instagram is an excellent platform for connecting with family and friends. Instagram has a feature that allows you to find contacts by entering a username or phone number. You may prefer to keep your information private and not let your contacts access your Instagram account using your phone number.

For this, you may need to know the proper guides through which you can remove it quickly and safeguard your privacy. Check this method to Remove Phone Numbers on Instagram on Android & iPhone, and PC.

It’s simple: if someone has your contact saved to their phone, then Instagram allows them to access your Profile. All you need is a connection to your phone number. Many people don’t want their contacts synced. This is the next step to unlink your Instagram Account phone number.

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram on Android & iPhone

Removing or unlinking the phone number means you are hiding from those people who saved your phone number. But on the other hand, you’re also losing the recovery options if you forget the password. 

Here’s the way to proceed from your Android and iPhone to unlink phone numbers from your Instagram account easily.

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram App on your phone and log in with your credentials. 
  • Now tap on the Profile icon to open the Profile. You can find that option on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile option as shown here.
How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram - settings
  • Then tap on Personal Information Settings. Here you can see your basic personal information. If you have connected your Mail Account, you can only remove the phone number. It means you need to click the Mail Account here. If you have joined, then it’s okay.
  • If not, then connect the Mail Account there.
  • Afterward, go to the Phone Number section and tap on the X icon to cross or clear it.
How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram - phone number
  • Here you have cleared the phone number. Now tap on the Arrow icon given on the top or tap on Next shown there.
  • Finally Done.

Unlinking the Phone number from your Instagram gives you free from those known users. That’s the simple method you can try on Android and iPhone devices.

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram on PC & Mac

As with your Smartphones, you can also adopt the same method when you are on a PC, Mac, or Web version of Instagram. Removing the phone number on Instagram is also the same and easy. Here’s how I can proceed.

  • Open the Instagram App on your Desktop or Visit the website of
  • Get logged in there with your login credentials. Then click on the Profile icon given there. You can find this option showing your profile image on the top left side of the screen.
  • Click on Profile from that dropdown as shown in the image.
  • After that, tap on Edit Profile from there.
  • Scroll down and then find the Phone Number option there. Now, remove or clear the phone number. Simply click on the phone number and then hold the backspace key.
  • After removing the phone number, click on Submit option given there.
  • Finally Done.

What are the simple steps that you can take to remove your phone number from your Instagram account? By following these steps, you can also help your friend remove or unlink the phone number easily.

Disconnects the Contacts on Instagram

Disconnecting the contacts may be a beneficial method for you. You can follow these simple steps if you want to disconnect the connections from your Instagram account.

  • Open your Instagram account and then tap on the Profile Icon line. Three lines are shown on the top left side.
  • From Profile, tap on three lines and then tap on Discover People.
  • Here it opens the Pop-up menu. Tap on Not Now from there. 
  • Then from Connect Contacts option, you have to make it turn off. 
  • Just toggle there to turn it off quickly.

Disabling the 2FA On Instagram

If you are thinking of removing or unlinking the phone number from Instagram, you must disable or deactivate the 2FA settings on your Instagram Account. 

After disabling the 2FA settings only, you are there to delete the phone number. Because the 2FA Text Message is based on the phone number. You have to grant the OTP received on your phone number. So, you need to disable these features. Check here’s how,

  • Go to the Settings and then tap on Security.
  • Tap on Two Factor Authentication from the security option.
  • Then Disable this option.
  • Finally Done.


Why Can’t I Remove my Phone Number on Instagram?

Although Instagram allows users to remove or unlink their phone numbers from Instagram, you need to know the proper steps on it. Removing the phone number directly without connecting the Mail Address is not possible. 
To remove the phone number on Instagram, you just need to add the Mail Address before. Also, if you had enabled the 2FA, then your must need to disable it before proceeding with it.

Can I Update my Phone Number on Instagram?

Updating the phone number is allowed on Instagram. To update your phone number on Instagram, you just need to go to the Settings of your phone and then tap on the Phone Number. Clear that phone number and enter the new number, then tap on Update.

Does Instagram Show my Phone Number to Others?

With the Transparent policy of Instagram, your phone number is not public. Yes, Instagram doesn’t show your phone number to other users. But the users having your phone number saved in their contact lists will be able to find you on Instagram. 
Although you set your account private, users with your Instagram number saved on their phones can easily find you. 

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