How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV (4 Best ways)

Netflix is one of the biggest hubs for streaming millions of web content worldwide. Because of this, the number of users of Netflix is enormous in number. If you are also a Netflix user and planning to experience Netflix on your home TV, you may think about How to use Netflix without Smart TV. Yes, if you have just regular LED TV and are also thinking of exploring that on it, then definitely here you will get the best guide up to now.

We all know that a Smart TV is a TV that has Internet capabilities and supports third-party apps. The majority of modern smart TVs, whether from Samsung, Sony, or LG, support third-party apps like Netflix. You need to go to the App Store and search for Netflix.

Even if your TV doesn’t support native Netflix, you’re not out of luck. You only need a device connected to your TVs, such as a Chromecast, Roku or Firestick, or an HDMI cable.

In our case, we don’t have this type of TV. Perhaps your TV only has the option of HDMI, VGA, and MultiMedia via USB. We still have the opportunity to watch your favorite shows. This guide will show you how to use Netflix Without Smart TV.

How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV

Method I: Use your PC

Here it would help if you had HDMI or VGA Cable. Go for HDMI rather than VGA Cable. So, connect one end of your HDMI cable to the laptop/ PC port and another end to the TV HDMI Port.

  • Connect both ends of the HDMI cable to the desired port.
  • Open the Netflix App on your computer or Laptop. Or visit the Netflix website.
  • Go back to your TV and choose the HDMI input source. It will now open the screen as in our Laptop.
  • Play the Netflix Video now. You can also see the same screen on the TV.
  • Finally.

This is the simple and most satisfactory solution to watching Netflix on your nonsmart TV. Here you need to have a working HDMI Cable or VGA Cable. Also, don’t forget to check the sound source. If your PC is not broadcasting the sound, you can increase the volume of your TV screen.

Method II: Using Streaming Device

Installing a streaming device is the best way to stream Netflix from a nonsmart television. This allows you to stream Netflix movies without any problems. This will enable you to experience an experience of a Smart TV without buying one.

You can stream Netflix using a streaming device like Firestick, Roku, or Apple TV. We can also use them to stream Netflix directly from your smartphone to your TV.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a trusted streaming device that millions of people worldwide trust. It’s the best. These steps can view Netflix on a nonsmart TV if you have Google Chromecast.

How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV - Google Chromecast
  • Connect Chrome Cast to your Non-Smart LED TV. Also, check for internet connection.  
  •  Get Sign in with your Netflix Login Credentials on your phone.  
  •  Now, tap on the Cast option on your phone.  
  •  Choose the Chromecast option from there.  
  • Play your favorite content there.  
  •  Finally Done.

Apple TV

We can also use Apple TV to access Netflix without Smart TV. First, you will need to download Netflix from the App Store.

How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV - aple tv
  • Connect your Apple TV with the HDMI TV.
  • After that, you need to connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Select “Netflix” from the home screen.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Get started now with your favorite shows.
  • Finally done.

Amazon Fire

You can control your streaming device with Alexa if you own the Amazon Fire. It’s now easier to automate your streaming devices with other smart devices.

How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV - amazon fire
  • Connect your Amazon Fire TV to your TV via HDMI.
  • Connect your Amazon Fire TV to a power outlet.
  • Turn on your LED TV.
  • Choose the input source for HDMI.
  • Press the “Home” button on your remote for 10 seconds to pair.
  • Enter your Netflix Login Credentials.
  • Finally Done.

Method III: Use a Game console (with PlayStation 4 or 4 Pro)

Netflix streaming is available on some video game consoles. This allows you to stream Netflix from your nonsmart television. The steps are not the same, but you can still get some ideas. Download the Netflix app to your Playstation, and you can stream TV and movies directly from your TV.

How to Use Netflix Without Smart TV - Game console with PlayStation 4 or 4 Pro
  • Go to the TV & Videos section from the Home screen and click on the Netflix symbol. Select Download.
  • Click on the Sign-In options on Netflix.
  • Navigate to the TV & Videos section and select the Netflix Icon. To access the Video section, you must log in to your PSN account.
  • Enter your Netflix Login Details there.
  • Now your device is connected to your Netflix account.
  • Finally done.

Method IV: Using PlayStation 3

Although downloading and signing in to Netflix for the PS3 is slightly different, it only takes a few simple steps.

  • Navigate to the TV/Video Services section from the Home screen and choose Netflix.
  • Select Yes when asked if you are confident that you want the app to be downloaded.
  • Log in by going back to your home screen, selecting TV/Video Services, and choosing Netflix.
  • Select Sign In and Enter Your Netflix Login Information.
  • Finally done.

Watch Netflix on TV Without an Internet Connection  

Sometimes you may get out of internet connection. So, if you are not over the internet and are still willing to watch the Netflix shows on your bigger TV Screen, you can still do with the help of your PC, Laptop, or Phone.

You need a connection wire, HDMI, or VGA Cable here. Before this, note this,

Netflix allows users to download content in advance and then watch it later. Just select the movie or show you want to download and click the button to save it. It may take some time, depending on the content you are downloading. If you’re at a coffee shop, you can relax and wait.

Once you have downloaded your content, you can open Netflix on your phone and tap the downloads option. This allows you to access your content even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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